Tears in the last moment OSAKA★SHUNKASHUTO Coupling song Music Video. Reboot, Restart, Reborn, Return…SGS9!


This is the coupling song of debut of Osaka★Shunkashuto. It’s a ballad love song. I made the music video just like gun action movie. I’ve released the movie SGS9 series before. SGS9 is means School Girl Section Nine. This is a collaboration project to Osaka★Shunkashuto and my. I’ve added “R” to the title. Reborn? Return? Restart? Reboot? These word are use “R” at first. I really don’t care about that use any word. You can catch the description of SGS9 series. Anyway I want to make a dorama that to fit this song, I thought of it. I like this song and movie.


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MV:Moshimo Aetanara “Tears in the last moment” Japanese Original Version
Behind the Scene:We’re filming now! OSAKA SHUNKASHUTO #36


CREDITS of song:

OSAKA★SHUNKASHUTO “Tears in the last moment”

Written by: Satoshi Hotta (from Minor School)
Directed by: Kimito Taga
Produced by: Soezimax

CREDITS of movie:

Music Video “Tears in the last moment”

Produced & Directed / Soezimax
CAST / OSAKA★SHUNKASHUTO Masahiro Morisaki Ryu Osawa Daiki Matsumoto Atsuki Ichihara Koyo Maeda
Hair makeup / Shinobu Iwasaki
Gun action adviser / Masahito Hosokawa
Photo / Satoshi Mamada
Filming Location Support / CQB GHOST Osaka Green Canyon
Special Thanks / Izum D-Promotion United World Car VOLK TACTICAL GEAR





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